What Our Patients Say About Us:

Nuestros pacientes satisfechos son la prueba de la calidad de nuestro servicio.

Nuestros pacientes satisfechos son la prueba de la calidad de nuestro servicio.


Enero 2018
“…El servicio que recibí fue excelente. El staff colaboró con mis necesidades cambiantes durante la semana y la cirugía fue rápida y efectiva. Honestamente no he visto alguna clínica tan excelente como esta en USA. Le recomendaría al staff y los servicios a todos mis conocidos”


Diciembre 2017
“Gracias al Dr. Prada y a su asombroso equipo. Ahora tengo una sonrisa superior que cambió mi vida. La gente me está sonriendo de vuelta por mi asombrosa sonrisa. Un procedimiento que marca un antes y después en mi vida.”


Junio 2017
“…Sobra decir que recomiendo al Dr. Prada y a su oficina dental como una clínica de clase mundial. De ahora en adelante recomiendo al Dr. Prada a todos mis conocidos que quedan impresionados con mi nueva sonrisa de actor de Holywood….”


Noviembre 2016
“Dr. Vinicio Prada y el equipo de DDS Dental me ofrecieron un producto superior mientras que al mismo tiempo me daban un servicio excelente insuperable. No puedo describir mi satisfacción con el tratamiento.”


Abril 2016
“…todos los doctores me trataron como si fuera una persona especial. No puedo estar más satisfecho con el resultado del trabajo dental y toda la experiencia por la que pasé. ¡Soy un hombre feliz!!”


Julio 2016
“Gracias Dr. Prada y a su equipo por ayudarme a mí como si estuvieran ayudando a su familia y por hacer algo que muchos profesionales han olvidado hacer o nunca han sabido cómo hacer: preocuparse porque el trabajo se haga bien poniendo todo de sí por hacerlo bien.”


December 2017
I could go on for hours and hours about my experience with DDS Dental / Dr Prada. To put things into context, I’m a 31 years old male, who doesn’t have an issue with traveling, for any reason. When I first learned that my chopped tooth and delayed cleanings would cost me $14,500 AFTER insurance reimbursement, I immediately started searching for a better option. A friend of mine told me they have a dentist in their family in Costa Rica. I immediately started my extensive research into “dental tourism”. I reviewed every possible country and every possible dentist. All of the reviews and forums kept pointing me Costa Rica, and DDS dental in particular. I called them that day and immediately had every single piece of information I needed to make a well-informed decision; I was heading to a country I’ve never been to have tons of dental work done! Naturally, I was greeted with skepticism and negativity from friends and family, and honestly, they were just looking out for my best interest. Boy were they wrong. Dr Prada and his staff are like nothing you will find in the US, period. Have you ever had an entire dentist office waiting on you hand and foot? Have you ever had your dentist arrange transportation for you to and from his office, TWICE? These are the types of things that really set them, apart from us.

Long story (somewhat) short, I had a zirconium bridge installed, 2 root canals, and a zirconium crown placed. What would have cost me $14,500 at a very well know dentist office in the states (they run commercials daily), ended up costing me $3,200. Not only was the price a FRACTION of what I was quoted here, Dr. Prada was extremely accurate in his estimates. I was not hit with any surprise fees or last minute up-charges. I provided him with x-rays a few months before arriving and he was able to tell me exactly what I needed and how much it would cost, to the exact dollar. He is a great guy, speaks perfect English, and never once made me feel uncomfortable during my “Dental Olympics” as he called it! He rearranged his schedule to make everything work in my limited time in Costa Rica. What normally takes 2 weeks (bridge and crown), he did in 5 days.

Okay sorry, third paragraph. Fast forward – It has now been almost one year since my visit. Everything is still in place and I’ve had zero issues with any of his work. Not only did my whole experience turn out to be quite an amazing one, I have also convinced family and friends to seek out his expertise. I have also begun the legwork to visit him again in a couple months to have all of my old fillings replaced. No way I’m going to spend $4,000 here in the states to have it done. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the most important part. COSTA RICA IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! ​

Thank you so much Dr Prada and your amazing staff!! I’m extremely grateful that I was pointed in your direction to help me with my dental nightmare. It has the best decision I’ve ever made.

Check out the reviews from ourpatients on Facebook

Check out the reviews from our patients on Facebook